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Gratitude — A Love Poem Celebrating our Pets

Feathered speckled down

Like a warm, gentle breeze,

You brush my face with your fur.

More than anything

I feel your presence,

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Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

A Love Poem Celebrating Our Pets

Wish I Could Have Done More . . . A Pet Loss Poem.

You asked for nearly nothing

But some sweet kisses in return

And yet you lay there suffering,

Make a wish . . . it’s okay when you are grieving the loss of a pet. When you feel your emotions of pet loss grief, take them by the…

Your gut is your barometer for truth. One simple yet challenging gift you have as a human is your gut feelings. It’s easy to forget to tap into this built-in mechanism of sensory awareness. Instead, you may go to your head and stop integrating a pattern of knowing what is truth. When you face tough decisions and are searching for the truth and authenticity, your gut can save you from your self-created angst. When you trust your gut, you can make tough decisions that turn into life-changing moments. These life-changing moments can then give you a portal to move ahead…

6 Tips on How You Can Write Your Book that Includes Animals

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Is writing a book about animals something you have always wanted to do?

Have you already written your book, but it is not selling?

Would you like to know how to get started with your awesome idea for a book but do not know where to begin?

Whether you are already a published author or a newbie

I want to start by saying how happy I am you have decided to write a book about animals. Even though writing, publishing, and marketing a book can feel intimidating right now. Please know once you get the hang of it the process is fun.

Let it be known, writing and publishing a…

Ready to Find the Perfect Job in the Pet Industry . . . Get Started Here!

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Are you unhappy with your current career? Would you like to work in the pet industry but don’t know where to begin? Would you love to land your dream job in the pet industry but have no idea what that is yet?

The answers to your questions are not that far away. The truth is your passion and love for animals can easily grow into a full-time job. With the help from Pet Jobs 101: How to Choose Your Dream Job and Jumpstart Your Business, you will get the support and guidance you need to get started.

I am Living Proof that You Can Do It

Working within the…

How to Grasp and Make Sense of This Paralyzing Time

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Image by Lenka Novotná from Pixabay

Are you experiencing emotions of sadness and grief with the loss of your animal friend? Are you unable to even imagine moving forward into your life again without them? Would you like to tell your buddy once again that you love them?

I understand… it’s difficult to accept and understand the passing of an animal friend from the physical form to the spirit form. This physical separation can create a huge gap of unexplained emotions and grief that can overwhelm and be emotionally paralyzing.

You probably already know that grieving for your animal is painful and can leave you feeling miserable.

Know there is no perfect way…

My Problem and How I Solved it

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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

After a self designed writing retreat I should be feeling great! I spent my time in a cabin on the northern shores of Maine, where the mountains meet the ocean.

I ask myself . . . I should feel happy and refreshed, right? I spent seven days writing, hiking, napping, and enjoying the splendors of isolation. But it pisses part of me off that I had to leave and return home.

Home is a Good Place

It’s kind of weird I am whining here. I live in a beautiful place. Full of mountains, wild animals, and peaceful settings. What is…

Pet Loss Grief is Expansive and Life Changing — Here is How You Can Navigate

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Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

If you are familiar with the normal emotions of grief and loss keep in mind that the variety and expansiveness of the emotions can be difficult to manage and can change without notice.

Sometimes grief has a way of being quiet when you are experiencing the journey of pet loss. Your body needs this the peace — grief needs to take a break so your nervous systems can relax for a bit. This process is extremely import for healing to take place. …

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